Not where I was trying to go but happy to be here

I have to say, when I finished my undergrad in Communications and Business Management I felt like I pretty much knew where I was headed. Even after I finished some further education with a post graduate in Corporate Communications and PR I just assumed I was going to be a creative worker in a field I felt passionately about.

Who knew I’d be branding Vibrators for a sex toy company?

Definitely not me.

I never imagined the career I would end up in and still am in today, as a Communications worker doing the marketing and tradeshow planning for a Canadian sex toy manufacturer. It’s not what I had in my head as what I was looking for, but it very quickly became a job a looked forward to going to everyday.

Aside from never being boring, and the staff discount, it’s also a position that lets me do all the things I had set out to when I graduated. I have to get creative and think outside the box to market these products. I get to completely design our tradeshow booths from top to bottom, plan for promotional items and sales campaigns. I do marketing plans including copywriting and ad design. And as an added bonus I get to travel to most of the shows we attend, which in the last year has included Australia, China, California and Colorado.

I hope this doesn’t come off as being “braggy” (because at the end of the day I’m still the person who has to name a dildo), but my point is that you should never discount a position, especially when you’re a new graduate, until you know it’s something you don’t want to do. There are so few positions available it’s rare to even find one let alone discount it.

It’s safe to say this job has gotten my out of my comfort zone (in more ways than one), but in the working world and in general I think we tend to stay clear of things we’re afraid of or think we might fail at, but these usually end up being the things we remember most. Sometimes you have to take a risk, and I really think things happen for a reason.

Also, it’s a reminder to try not to judge people for what they do for a living, whether looking down or up at someone else’s position, you should really just focus on yourself and what you want to be doing.




Christmas Wish List

This Christmas, like most Christmases, I have finished my shopping weeks ahead of schedule. I don’t know if this sounds terrible, but whenever I go christmas shopping for others I tend to find things that I would really like to receive on Christmas.

I don’t often buy myself any of these things however, so I’m not a total Scrooge. It’s just that I usually stay out of the malls and stores as a self-preservation thing, if I don’t see things I want then I won’t want them. But when forced to be face to face with so many nice things I can’t help but make a list of gifts for me, that I will try to spread out in purchasing for myself over the next few months. So without sounding too selfish this is my christmas wish list:

  1. Record player
    • The white portable Crosley Cruiser, or
    • The Crosley AV room record player with leather detail
  2. Records
    • Specifically: Growlers- “Hung at Heart” album, and Kanye’s – “808s and Heartbreak”, to start.
    • 61lof95dczl-_sy300_81itkpkuzol-_sx355_
  3. Tarot Cards and white window picture frame
    • This one’s a little weird, but I would basically put my selected tarot cards into a white “window frame” for my room, it would look a little something like this (only cards instead of pics, and sans flowers):
    • tattooed-martha-rustic-picture-window-frame-15
  4. Floor rug
    • A geometric rug for the wooden floors in my bedroom, which are a little cold this time of year
    • assembly-home-aurora-printed-rug
  5. Books!
    • I recently bought a wall mounted book shelf off of Kijiji and now I just want to fill it with all the books I always wanted to read while I was in school but never had the time for.
    • Books like: Ugly Love by Colleen Hoover, Call of the wild by Jack London, Horns by Joe Hill, Sex drugs and Cocoa puffs by Chuck Klosterman, and Ham on Rye by Charles Bukowski (who i’ve previously written about on here)
  6. After reviewing this list, basically anything from Urban Outfitters…

One Month.

They say it takes 21 days of consistency to form a habit.

Having taken a food allergy test very recently I am being forced to remove wheat and dairy from my diet for the month of November to see if these components in my diet are the cause or have an influence on my eczema and digestive health.

The problem is I am the worlds pickiest eater with my favourite meals consisting solely of turkey sandwiches, mac and cheese and chicken fingers. I struggle to take in foods that are green, red, purple, orange and blue. Basically anything colorful is usually a safe bet to steer clear of.

However as I enter the next stage of my adult life and everyone in my circle of friends seems to be growing up and making big changes I feel like the very least I could do is consider taking control of my own health and cut out the nuggets. I’m adulting now.

So I am officially 10 days into this regiment and so far so good. I am still able to eat quite a few of my favourites including PB + J sandwiches (on gluten free/wheat free bread), and pasta (sans cheese)! The biggest downfall so far has been the realization that I can’t realistically eat out at a restaurant without sounding like a tool. I’m not gonna lie I have eaten one chocolate chip cookie and a single shrimp tempura, as the struggle is very real when faced with someone offering you either of those items. Sorry fam.

In terms of results my skin is actually noticeably starting to clear up and I even feel like I have more energy! I will post an update at the one month mark to decide whether this is something I am going to try to continue with (i.e. whether the pros outweigh the cons) or whether I will be eating 6 Little Caesar’s hot and ready’s with cheese stuffed crazy bread + crazy sauce.